The 2014 Chasers

Patrick Makau
Patrick Makau returns to race in The Chase at the Hapalua

For the 2014 Chase at the Hapalua, the best runners in Hawaii will again be racing against Patrick Makau, former marathon world record holder (2:03:38) as well as Peter Kirui and Isabelle Ochichi. All three are from Kenya.

Patrick Makau has a half-marathon PR of 58:52 and has run under 60 minutes 8 times. He recorded his world record time in Berlin in 2011.

Peter Kirui, 26, recorded his best half-marathon when winning the NYC Half in 2012 in a time of  59:39.

Isabella Ochichi, 34, will be the first female Chaser to compete at the Hapalua! She is returning to form and recorded a 1:09:21 in Prague in April 2013.


Head Start
Team Hawaii, made up of the best runners based in Hawaii, will be given a head start on Makau, Kirui and Ochichi.  The Chasers will aim to catch up, pass and beat all the runners in Team Hawaii. The first person, man or woman to cross the finish line in Kapiolani Park will be crowned the overall winner. It will be a race to wire!

Show me the money
An $11,000 prize purse is up for grabs. The first person across the finish line will receive $5,000. Second will get $2,500, third, $1,000, fourth, $750, fifth, $500, sixth, $400, seventh, $300, eighth, $250, ninth, $200, and 10th, $100

For a list of the local runners representing Team Hawaii in the 2014 Hapalua Chase, click here.



Patrick Makau

Age: 29
Country: Kenya
Personal Records
Marathon: 2:03:38
Half Marathon PR: 58:52
10k: 27:27
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Peter Kirui

Age: 26
Country: Kenya
Personal Records
Marathon: 2:06:31
Half Marathon: 59:39
10k: 27:55
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Isabella Ochichi

Age: 34
Country: Kenya
Personal Records
Marathon: 2:31:38
Half-Marathon: 1:08:38
10k: 30:27
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