Team Hawaii takes on the world in The Chase

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The Chase – A unique handicap racing format

$11,000 is up for grabs in the Chase, the elite race at the 2017 Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half Marathon.
The 23 best local runners in Hawaii get a head start on some of the best professionals runners in the world. The pros will chase down the local guys and girls to the finish line.

On April 9, Team Hawaii will be chased down by four professionals.  Abraham Kipyatich and Philip Tarbei from Kenya, and Yuki Yagi and Kayoko Fukushi from Japan.

The first person across the finish line, man or woman, will receive $5,000. Second will get $2,500, third, $1,000, fourth, $750, fifth, $500, sixth, $400, seventh, $300, eighth, $250, ninth, $200, and 10th, $100
First across the line is the winner!

Team Hawaii

In the 2017 Chase, 23 runners make up Team Hawaii and will get up to a 22 minute head start on the professionals who start with the mass start at 6:00AM.  

Chasers: 6:00 am start
Abraham Kipyatich
Philip Tarbei
Yuki Yagi

Chasers: With Group A and a 6 minute handicap, 5:54 am start
Kayoko Fukushi

Team Hawaii Starts
Group A 6 minute handicap, 5:54 am start
Reid Hunter
Davis Kaahanui
Ben Williams

Group B 10 minute handicap, 5:50 am start
Jimmy Davis
Evan Dehart
Matt Holton

Group C 12 minute handicap, 5:48 am start
Trevaill Chacon
Kevin Enriques
Chuan Napolitano
Ryan Tsang
Kengo Yoshimoto

Group D 16 minute handicap, 5:44 am start
Malia Crouse
Katie O’Neil
Bree Wee

Group E 20 minute handicap, 5:40 am start
Maritza McAulay
Emily Shin

Group F 22 minute handicap, 5:38 am start
Tammy Bautista
Melissa Colby
Evelina Mansson
Louise Mulvey
Yuko Nakai
Tiare’ Nakashima
Malory Peterson