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The Hapalua - Hawaii's Half Marathon, April 12, 2015

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We had a great, wet time! Thoroughly enjoyed the route, the support along the way, and the finish band and food!

Lisa Pietsch

What a wonderful event! So impressed at the organization and volunteers, especially for just the second year. We had a blast…Mahalo!

Erica Hunt

Best organized race I have been to. Smiles from all.

Ray Standley

LOVED this race. I’ve done 14 half and full marathons (including Honolulu Marathon four times) and it was my favorite!

Thanks for a great event! The Chase was a fun innovation. By the way, that’s a handsome ribbon on the finishers’ medal.

John Bender

Thank you for an amazing day! Such great preparation and awesome execution… This is looking to be the start of a GREAT Hawaii tradition! :)

Terri Willing

This had to have been one of the best organized races ever. Love the medal, and I appreciate all the water stops along the way. Did not worry about hydration. The bathrooms by the start were great too. Whoever organized this deserves a million bucks

Sachie Eton


Latest News


Woman wins handicapped “Chase” for first time

A woman won The Hapalua’s handicapped “Chase” competition for the first time in the race’s three-year history today.   Eri Macdonald, 33, a Honolulu attorney, took full advantage of a 21-minute head start  on two Kenyan male professionals,  battling blustery winds and occasional rain in her winning effort ahead of a field of more than…


Social Run with the Pros

Updated with video: Everyone is invited to meet, greet and run (slowly) with the invited professional runners at Kapiolani Park on Saturday, April 12 at  8am. We’ll meet up by the Bandstand take some photographs and then do one or two laps of Kapiolani Park at a slow pace. Please RSVP on our Facebook page…


“The Chasers” Announced

Kenyan Professionals take on Team Hawaii in The Chase Patrick Makau, Peter Kirui and Isabella Ochichi have been invited to run in the 3rd annual Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half Marathon. They will take part in the Chase, a unique racing format that gives 24 of the best local runners in Hawaii a head start on…


Official Hotel Sponsor – Outrigger Hotels

Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Hits the Ground Running As Official Hotel Sponsor of the Hapalua  Participants and spectators of the April 13 half marathon can take advantage of special rates at Outrigger and OHANA Hotels in Waikiki WAIKIKI, HONOLULU, HAWAII – Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, a long-standing sponsor of local sporting events, has signed on as the…

Winner of 2013 Hapalua

The Chase is Back

The Chase returns to the Hapalua Team Hawaii will compete against world class professionals at the 2014 Hapalua. Head Start Team Hawaii, made up of the best runners based in Hawaii, will be given a head start on the professionals.  The Chasers will aim to catch up, pass and beat all the runners in Team Hawaii….

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